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With today’s Pokemon Go event in Orlando, we wondered what it would be like if Pokemon joined us in an escape room.  Then we took it a step further and identified who would be the best Pokemon to bring to the escape rooms at The Escape Effect.

Side note: To keep things nostalgic, we’re focusing on Generation I only.

One of the best Pokemon for escape rooms. A photo of Pikachu the Pokemon in Sherlock Studies.
Pikachu the Pokemon in Sherlock Studies.


Old-school Pikachu is known for his cuteness, but we’re not sure if being cute is helpful specifically within an escape room.

Pika, Pika, Pika?

Pikachu is very inquisitive, which is why we think a murder mystery escape room might just be up his alley.  And with the Detective Pikachu film joining the ranks in 2019, our suspicions appear to be solidified.

All that said, Pikachu may be one of the most popular Pokemon and is also known for his ability to store and use electricity.

Let’s get a bit geeky for the electricians in the room.  Electronics within an escape room can run off of several different voltage options.  For example, if Pikachu gives off 5V, then he’ll probably be able to hack the microcontrollers that run the puzzles.  On the other side of the coin, if Pikachu is giving off 12V, then he might be able to control the environmental lighting.

Which voltage do you think Pikachu gives off?  Or do you think he is like a variable voltage power supply?

A photo of Gengar the Pokemon in Fright Before Your Eyes.
Gengar the Pokemon in Fright Before Your Eyes.


Gengar loves to jump out and scare others over and over again.  Probably not the most useful thing to do in an escape room, but a heck of a lot of fun!

Since Gengar is a ghost-type Pokemon, he would probably come in handy for escape room themes where he is naturally comfortable, like seances, graveyards, asylums, and even haunted theatres.  If an escape game is dark, send Gengar in front of you – he’ll probably scare whatever is behind that corner or closed door first!

A common escape room trope is the use of blacklight (UV) to make clues appear only when a special UV light is present.  Do you think Gengar could see hidden messages without a special blacklight?

A photo of Bulbasaur the Pokemon in At Odds With The Gods.
Bulbasaur the Pokemon in At Odds With The Gods.


As the strongest of the original three starter Pokemon, Bulbasaur might be a solid option as a teammate in a couple of distinct escape room situations.

Bring Bulbasaur to the forefront in your escape room adventure when you need to scour a room for puzzle pieces.  He doesn’t just use abilities like Vine Whip to attack enemies, but he can also use those vines to pick up things.

A somewhat-common escape room trope is when players are locked in a cell and a key is out of reach.  The key is needed to get out of the cell and the only way to get the key is to build or find a long pole to hook the key with it.  Well, if Bulbasaur is on your team, you can skip all of that and just use those vines to grab the key.

If you’ve battled against the Greek gods at The Escape Effect, do you see how Bulbasaur could be useful?

A photo of Meowth the Pokemon in A Knight To Escape.
Meowth the Pokemon in A Knight To Escape.


For fans of the cartoon show, you’ll recognize Meowth as the talkative Pokemon on Team Rocket.  Of the originals, Meowth is the only who can understand all other Pokemon and humans.  And that’s where he would excel in this parodic situation.

At some point while playing through an escape room, you might want some outside help by pressing the host button.  If you include Meowth on your team, he can translate that help to any other Pokemon teammates.

Take that a step further.  If you’re playing a split escape room, you’ll be forced to communicate with your other teammates, but good luck trying to do that if the teammates on the other side of the game are Pokemon!  With Meowth in the mix, you’ll be confident that the whole team knows what’s going on.

If you were trapped in the dungeon, what would you ask Meowth?

Do you agree with us about the best Pokemon to bring?

There are a lot of Pokemon out there and they all have different abilities. You may find that others are better-suited to how you solve escape rooms. Who do you think are the best? Also, who do you think would be the worst for escape rooms?

Pokemon Go!

While you’re at The Escape Effect, be sure to drop by the PokeStop!


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