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A while back, we looked at what Pokemon would be the most helpful in our escape rooms.  With the new Pokemon Go Fest here, we started thinking about which ones would be the worst Pokemon partners to bring.

As before, we’re focusing on Generation I only.

One of the worst Pokemon for an escape room. Psyduck in At Odds with the Gods
Psyduck, the Pokemon, in At Odds with the Gods


As a sweet little duck with psychic powers, one might be tempted to bring Psyduck along on your escape adventure.  Unfortunately, this little guy is not much help.  He always has a headache, and spends his time trying to calm it down. He doesn’t have a lot of energy left for thinking through puzzles.  That’s not very helpful if you’re trying to work your way through an ancient temple.

The situation gets even worse if his headache becomes unbearable.  If Psyduck gets too stressed, his powers will burst.  That can get very messy very quickly.

As much as we like the duck Pokemon, we can’t recommend bringing him to an escape room.  What do you think?  Do you think you could work with him, or would you take someone else?

Snorlax, the Pokemon, in Sherlock Studies
Snorlax, the Pokemon, in Sherlock Studies


At nearly seven feet tall, Snorlax is a very impressive Pokemon.  He’s also powerful and sturdy, which makes him an excellent companion for battles.  In an escape room, however, he’s probably not the best choice.

If you take Snorlax into the study, he’s not going to want to look around.  He’s going to sleep, and he’ll probably take up the entire floor.  As Snorlax is only inclined to wake up for food, you’ll probably end up crawling all over him to get through the room.  If he does wake up, he’ll probably be too hungry to help.

Still, we must admit that he’s pretty cuddly.  Would you bring him to an escape room anyway?

Grimer, the Pokemon, in A Knight to Escape
Grimer, the Pokemon, in A Knight to Escape


Grimer is an interesting Pokemon.  As amorphous mass of slime, he has the ability to fit through small gaps with ease.  This can be useful in a castle dungeon, and he won’t be bothered by the dark conditions.  However, these abilities come with a pretty significant downside:

Grimer stinks.  He really stinks.  He feeds off of garbage and is constantly oozing a toxic slime, which is hazardous to people.  Though he may be more than willing to help, it would be very difficult to work around the odor and slime that he leaves in his wake.  Not to mention, it would be a lot of work to clean up after he leaves.

Would you be able to work with Grimer, or would the smell be too much for you to handle?

Voltorb, the Pokemon, in Fright Before Your Eyes
Voltorb, the Pokemon, in Fright Before Your Eyes


With electrical powers and the ability to learn Flash, Voltorb could be pretty helpful when wandering through an abandoned theater.  They can light up the darkness and help you find your way through the rooms.  That alone could make them worth bringing.

However, Voltorb is pretty tempermental.  While their abilities are useful, they can explode at the slightest disturbance.  Yes, explode.  A sudden door slamming, an item falling, a loud beeping; any of those could set Voltorb off.  If they explode, you won’t have an escape room anymore.

Would you be able to keep a Voltorb safe during an escape room, or would you pick a different partner?

Do you think someone else is the worst Pokemon for escape rooms?

We wouldn’t recommend these bringing these Pokemon along, but you may find that others are worse. You may also think that these four would be just fine in your escape room team. Who do you think would be the worst?

Pokemon Go!

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