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And the winner is…

4th grade teacher Rachel Zuroff from Winegard Elementary School right here in Orlando!  Here’s what her coworker said about her:

This teacher has overcome so many trials this year. Normally, teachers have a few students who challenge them, but this year her class was full of every kind of challenge: behavioral challenges, students struggling academically, students with little support from families while they learned online, and more.

She taught most of the year to both in-person and online students at the same time, a feat that should earn every teacher who accomplished it a nomination! On top of the student challenges, there were technology challenges. For most of the year her phone did not work in her classroom. For several months, her smart board did not work. Several times the internet signal went down or was too weak for all her students to be online for the lesson simultaneously, and through each of these trials, she persevered!

She did an outstanding job with the lot she was handed this year, and she has definitely [earned] a summer of rest and escape room fun!

Lauren Kimball

The prize

Congratulations Rachel!  As today’s recognized teacher, you have won 4 tickets for any single game at The Escape Effect to use any time in 2021!  Additionally, The Escape Effect is making a $250 donation to Winegard Elementary School to spend on anything that can help enrich you and your students’ lives!

Building others up is priceless

Thank you to everyone who nominated.  We read through all the nominations and found them inspiring to hear about the challenges that so many teachers have pushed through.

A special thank you to all the teachers for being awesome at what you do every day, especially this past year!  Keep doing what you do because you’re making a difference in your students’ lives.

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