Save $10 per ticket! Use code EARLYBIRD21 on games played before noon!

A blue Escape Effect shirt and a red Escape Effect shirt with an overlay of text that reads "$7 off every ticket, 4 t-shirts to win".

Happy 4th of July!

Sorry, This Promotion Is OVer

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We would like to wish everyone a Happy 4th of July this year!

To celebrate, we’re saving everyone $7 on each ticket ALL WEEK LONG from June 29 through July 6, 2021!  Best of all, four lucky players will be selected to win one of our graphic game t-shirts only from The Escape Effect!

Happy 4th Of July

Save $7 off each ticket for games played between June 29 and July 6, 2021.  Use code 4JULY2021 at checkout.


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