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A pink heart jigsaw puzzle with a missing piece.

This Valentine’s Day, Fall In Love With… Puzzles

When thinking about a typical Valentine’s Day date, I think most people think about a romantic candlelit dinner, a movie, and some flowers.  But that seems boring to me, I’d rather escape.

Escape rooms are full of excitement, fun, and they have brought my girlfriend and I closer together as a couple.  In fact, they have become our go-to date night.  It works for us especially since sitting through a movie can be a challenge.

We can be hotheads, so nine times out of ten, we are probably having some kind of argument before we go in.  But what I enjoy most is that feeling afterwards when we feel accomplished together as a couple.

Escape rooms are, at their core, a team-building experience.  I’d never get far by myself, doing my own thing.  Success in these escape games seems to be related to teamwork and communication.

Another reason I love playing escape rooms with my girlfriend is because we have developed a synergy while we play.  We know exactly where each of our strengths and weaknesses lie.  For instance, my girlfriend knows when to take over for a color-based puzzle because I am color-blind.  Meanwhile, I strive at word-based logic puzzles, so she will pass them off to me.

As much fun as it can be playing an escape room together with my friends, it doesn’t quite match the same feeling of including my girlfriend.


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