The development and hosting teams from The Escape Effect attempt to jump in unison.

The Core

The Hosts, Developers, and Advisors who regularly contribute

Jim Blanton, Hayden Bryant, Denny Brown, Karys Ostrow, Andrea Perez, Keith Ruston, Dan Suleski, Jamie Suleski

Special Thanks

The business people/companies who have shown support

Jim Anthony, Gracie Arenas Strittmatter, Russ Barton, Terri Barton, Ryan Burkett, Nate Burnett, Sean Ciezki, Seric Burns, Mike Cornelius, Lisa Dougherty, Fazeel Gareeboo, Gavyn Garner, George Layous, Jacquelynn Cornelius, Jay Martin, Maria Martin, Andy Matthias, Ken Ostrow, Jay Dee Padilla, Edward Pasternak, Carlos Quijada, Justin Reynolds, Neeli Ruston, Paul Senzee, Carol Suleski, Ted Suleski, Jenny West, Christian Wienker, Karan Wienker

BluePrint-Q Innovative Solutions, Chocolate Museum & Cafe, Flavors of India, Orlando Escape Games, Reynolds Advanced Materials, Stix Commercial Group, TBS Automation Systems, Yummy’s Express

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