Leap year really doesn’t happen often and neither will these special prices!  To celebrate the 29 days in February 2020, The Escape Effect is offering special pricing on all of our tickets until the end of the month, Monday through Thursday only.

Priced at $29 per ticket, Encore is now the most affordable escape room on International Drive!  You might want to act fast before this special offer disappears for another four years.

A player attempting to wire the spot lights on the lighting board.


Explore the backstage area of a 1920s abandoned theater, find the hidden stash, and get out before the wrecking ball comes in all within one hour.

Special $29* per ticket

The players investigate the items on the desk for clues.

Sherlock Studies

Be transported back to 1890s London to help Sherlock Holmes piece together a mystery.  You’ll have 75 minutes to collect the evidence and solve the crime.

Special $34.99* per ticket

The players attempt to piece together the puzzle.

At Odds With The Gods

Be challenged by Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, and more all on your quest to become immortal.  Hurry, for you’ll only have 90 minutes until the sun sets.

Special $39.99* per ticket

Castle Conundrum

A Knight To Escape

Split your team to navigate multiple areas of a castle and work together to reunite with your comrades before the two hours is up for good.

Special $49.99* per ticket

Too Good To Be True? Nah, It's True!

* Offer good for February 2020 and Monday thru Thursday only.  Everyone can experience The Escape Effect and have fun right now!